Asian Cup tournament kicks off at Wanderers Fives

Thanks to the support of the J Cheng Group, the Wanderers Asian Cup tournament has officially kicked off at Wanderers Fives.

The tournament has brought together 24 teams representing the Asian Football Confederation nations to participate in a fun and competitive 10-week long competition.

All teams that registered received a full kit representing their nation supplied by the J Cheng Group.

Wanderers Fives Operations Manager Chris McKibbins said the Asian Cup has been success so far.

“The Asian Cup has created an opportunity for more people to play football. These communities otherwise wouldn’t have been part of a club pathway and aren’t part of a traditional club network,” said McKibbons.

“We are the West and one of the limitations of Western Sydney is that there are those communities that exist who are off the social media pathways and are off the traditional media networks.

“So to have the support of the Wanderers to have the relationships with community groups and land those community leaders who really want to be part of something makes me really excited.

“I can’t wait to get the tournament to get started.”

Following the success of the club’s Asian Cup, the Red & Black have also launched a European Cup. Registrations for the Euros are open now.