In depth with Jamieson: Part 1


A two part series with new recruit Scott Jamieson as the proud Western Sydney boy returns home to represent his hometown for the first time.

Sitting down for the candid interview, the conversation flowed like two old friends with Jamieson noting early on in the conversation that he is the epitome of what ‘Western Sydney’ is all about.
In his own confident words, he is Western Sydney. He “understands and is the Westie kind of tag”.
Jamieson was born in Auburn and at six months old he moved with his family further out West to Kings Langley.
He went on to play his junior football at his local club and made his senior debut for a football club in Western Sydney. His family’s movement to this new suburb set into motion Jamieson’s interest in football, all starting from his blood.
“I have an older brother and he started to play football at Kings Langley Soccer Club. I can still remember sitting on the sidelines when I was four-years-old, watching my seven-year-old brother playing while I begged the coach to have a run.”
Jamieson enjoyed his time at Kings Langley but the next natural progression for him was to change clubs as he joined Blacktown City Demons during their peak where he was part of their side from the 11s to 15s.
“This was the pinnacle during this period, playing for Blacktown City Demons. The Gabbie Stadium was the best stadium at the time in New South Wales.
“To play on that field every week was the peak of football during this part of my journey.
Jamieson reaped the benefits of playing at the club and went on to play a part of his senior football career with the Demons, making his debut at only 15 – one of the proudest moments of his career so far.
“I’ve played for Australia and done a few exciting things in my career but if you had to put the spotlight on one thing playing at Gabbie Stadium for the first team was a very proud moment for me.
“As a kid you saw that stadium and Blacktown City Demons and you instantly wanted to play for them.”
The pride and passion that exudes from Jamieson when talking about representing the Western Sydney region during this period of his football career is something that has transcended into his life now as a seasoned professional.
The Western Sydney Wanderers according to Jamieson have been so successful in capturing the hearts and minds of people in Western Sydney as they have connected to all parts of the community and listened to the people.
“It is important for any club to be transparent with the community and this is a club that have really done this and listened to the wants of the region.
“There’s so many football enthusiasts out there in the West along with other sporting fans but football is the biggest out there.
“Such a high standard of young footballers come from Western Sydney so it is a match made in heaven.”
Yet it took a while for Jamieson to join the Wanderers after stints at Adelaide United, some team in Eastern Sydney and Perth Glory prior to joining the Red & Black this season.
“When the Wanderers first came onto the block, I was hoping that I could one day join the club but it was a few years down the line and I’m here now.
“It’s a pretty proud moment.”
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