In depth with Jamieson: Part II


A continuation from the first article about getting to know Wanderers recruit Scott Jamieson and his experiences as a young footballer in Western Sydney to where he is now.

Returning back to Western Sydney for Jamieson was not a case of coming full circle, rather it was the natural progression of him coming to a club that would help him become both a better person and a better footballer.
Jamieson’s family still reside in Western Sydney and have supported the Wanderers since the Club’s formation while keeping a soft spot for wherever Jamieson was playing.
Now for the first time they will have a direct link with the club they love.
“My family are definitely Wanderers fans and I have family that are Parramatta supporters and they all love Pirtek Stadium – they have always been drawn to Western Sydney clubs,” explained Jamieson.
“I have always had great support from my family and friends and I am very thankful for that. To be around them more and play in front of them, in my own area, will be something chronicle.”
Having played against the Wanderers before as the enemy, it will be a very different experience when Jamieson is wearing the Red & Black walking out onto the field for the first time as a Wanderer at Pirtek Stadium.
Jamieson comically recalls his games against the Wanderers last season with his former club.
“I came onto the field as a substitute and received a bit of abuse – but it was nice abuse.
“I think it’s because they knew I was a Westie.”
Jamieson in particular is looking forward to being a part of the epic Sydney Derby that divides the East from the West.
“I have always watched the derbies and have always wanted to play in a big game like that.
“I played with Adelaide against Melbourne and with Sydney against Melbourne but this is a neighbour verse neighbour scenario and that is something very exciting.”
Two key reasons brought Jamieson back to Western Sydney and the Wanderers, to become a better player and to win.
“With the foundation that this club has and the support they have both on and off the field, everything is in the works for us to be successful on the field. That’s important for any footballer.”
Like most footballers in the Hyundai A-League, Jamieson is currently preparing for the pre-season and began his training regimen prior to joining up with the Wanderers to ensure that he is ready for the upcoming season.
Jamieson has been doing F45 training three times a week and has taken the initiative to start training with his girlfriend who is a professional pole-vaulter during this period.
“I’ve been trying to pit myself up against another athlete but I didn’t quite measure up unfortunately.
“My excuse was that it was the off-season”.
With the squad beginning to return for the official pre-season, Jamieson can finally put down the pole and start to work in earnest to achieve the goals he’s set for himself in the West.
From the moment he walked onto the field following his brother’s footsteps as a junior at Kings Langley Soccer Club to debuting for Blacktown City’s first-team at the tender age of 15, it is hard not to argue that these are the moments that have defined Jamieson as the very humble person he is today.
This upcoming season with the Wanderers will be another milestone for Jamieson and he hopes that above all he can earn the trust of the Wanderers fans and club.
“I will do everything in my power to be successful for them.
“I just want to earn their trust and receive the support the support that they have given to the other players.”

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