In Depth: Mitch Nichols Part II


Previously, we learnt about Mitch Nichols the player and the person. The young boy who first kicked a ball while he lived on an acreage and the infamous character that developed from this point.

At the time if the Wanderers foundation, Nichols was good mates with Aaron Mooy so took particular attention in observing how the club went in its early days.
The inaugural season of the Wanderers was also Nichols’ final season at the Roar after making 125 appearances for the club. He went on to Melbourne Victory, which in his eyes saw his best season yet.
This garnered him international attention signing with Cerezo Osaka and the move to the Wanderers came about following the end of his contract with the J-League side which loaned out for a brief period of time of Perth Glory.
“Popa wanted to speak to me. I had a great chat with him on the phone and everyone knows what the Wanderers are all about.
“They have been around for such a short time and the support they have gathered in this short period of time has been beyond phenomenal.”
It came down to two very important factors that helped shape Nichols’s decision to sign with the Red & Black.
“I enjoy playing in front of big crowds so that was definitely a factor and definitely the coach.”
Nichols has faced the Wanderers before and knows exactly what to expect when he walks out onto Wanderland as part of the team for the very first time.
“When you’re an opposition player as the crowd is deafening so it will be interesting to be on the other side of that now.
“I’m going out there to prove myself to the Wanderers fans.”
The Wanderers since their inception have captured the hearts of Western Sydney and have given the people something to be proud of. This passion came down to their initial success as a team.
“Western Sydney were crying out for a team,” explained Nichols.
“Fans could relate to the idea of a club representing Western Sydney and they were proud to be apart of what they represent.”
For Nichols coming to the Wanderers is all about winning and that is a promise he intends to deliver on.
“Support us and we will do our best. I’m very competitive and I want to play week-in and week-out.
“I want to help the team and overall just win things.”