Immerse yourself in football with Holiday Clinics


Immersing the kids in technical development and showing them what it means to be a Wanderer are the most important outcomes of our Holiday Clinics.

A Wanderers- Clinic is far more than an event you send your child to during the holidays. Immersing the kids in technical development and showing them what it means to be a Wanderer are the most important outcomes.

“We see this as a massive opportunity to put across what it means to be a Wanderer,” explained Western Sydney Wanderers Football Development Manager Tim Thorne.

“Kids learning that to become a Wanderer they must be disciplined, put in maximum effort and not get involved in negative behaviour is extremely important.

“One of our other key outcomes is resilience and how to move positively forward from the knocks we take in life is paramount to who we are as a club.”

Of course, developing players is what clinics are known for is what keeps players coming back to the Wanderers clinics again and again.

“A lot of people do not realise that one Holiday Clinic can be the equivalent to a year-s local club training. We see this as a wonderful opportunity to develop the players to another level,” said Thorne.

“If a child comes to a holiday clinic every holiday they have up to five times the training they would normally get and from a professional coach who knows how to get the most from them.”

The Wanderers systems are built to create a balanced mix of fun, technical development and personal excellence. For this reason there is the choice of All Level clinics and Advanced Clinics so as to best cater for individual needs.

Our Weekly Clinics offer the same infusion of skills on a weekly basis.

This is a great compliment to local football and gives players the ability to develop at a higher rate than they would normally. The fact that they have regular high level coaching cannot be underestimated in their development.

“Creating players who are able to get into the elite pathway is magical but we also love developing a player who played Division 3 and can now play Division 2 or 1 – we want to lift each player to be the best that they can be no matter what level that is” said Thorne.

“In the end if we can help players understand and love the game they will have healthier, happier and more enjoyable lives. Now that-s a goal worth aiming for.

“If they happen to become a professional footballer along the way then that is indeed a massive bonus.”

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