Inaugural Member Committee


At the end of 2017 the Wanderers held the first meeting of the club’s inaugural Member Committee.

The Western Sydney Wanderers announced at the 2017 Member Forum that as part of a new Member and fan engagement initiative the club would be forming a Member Committee. 

The aim of the committee is to provide a platform for a cross-section of club Members to represent to wider Membership base. 

Meeting with club personnel, the Member Committee is tasked to discuss key topics and questions that the wider Membership base seeks further information or clarity on, as well as giving Members the opportunity to provide feedback and have discussion on several areas within the club. 

The high quality of candidates that put their names forward to be part of the inaugural Member Committee was outstanding and the club thanks all Members that applied. All applications that were received were impressive and showed the passion that exists for the club within the Membership base. 

After a thorough review of all applicants the club is proud to announce the following Members who have been selection to be part of this season’s Member Committee:

  • Peter Theos (Gold Member)
  • Lee McKerracher (Red Member)
  • Chris Gilchrist (Red Member)
  • Chris Bettiol (Black Member) 
  • Robyn McKenna (Black Member) 
  • Scott Gow (White & Black Member)
  • Melissa Brooks (White & Black Member)
  • Ernst Meyer (Red & Black Member)
  • Bradford Gorman (Red & Black Member)
  • Jem Baigent (Supporter Member)

The first committee meeting was held on Monday 27 November 2017. Nine of the ten Members were in attendance with CEO John Tsatsimas and three key staff members from the club.

An open discussion took place with a clear focus on improving fan and match day experience at the current venues with a further mandate to understand and discuss Member issues and concerns around a number of areas within the club. 

A initial discussion was also had regarding the principles and policies of the seat transition process for the new Western Sydney Stadium that will be released to Members later this year. Due to the highly anticipated changeover, Members discussed ideas on ways the club can ensure that majority of Members will be happy with the transition process. 

The next committee meeting is planned to take place in late February which will give the Committee Members a chance to speak to the wider Membership group and put forward any topics to be discussed as part of the agenda at the next meeting. 

Members wishing to put forward views or items for discussion at the next Member Committee meeting can do so by emailing