New Sydney club to announce coach shortly


Head of the Hyundai A-League Lyall Gorman said a coaching announcement for the new Sydney club is imminent, and David Zrdilic got behind Tony Popovic for the role.

With Head of the Hyundai A-League Lyall Gorman announcing the new Sydney club is looking to announce their coach within the next two to three weeks at tonight-s Campbelltown forum it didn-t take long for the conjecture to start as to who would get the role.

David Zdrilic throwing his ideal contender into the ring, suggesting a former Qantas Socceroo for the role.

“Tony Popovic would be a great candidate for the head coaching role,” Zdrilic said.

Coaching wasn-t the only topic on the agenda though and with finances being a hot topic of conversation lately, Gorman also pointed out that the area is growing.

“Western Sydney businesses recognize the strength and power of the economy in the area,” Gorman said.

And with a growing area comes the importance of family and tying that into the club would not be lost on Heather Garriock.

“Family values and culture is important to any club, in particular Western Sydney,” Garriock said.

“Interaction with grassroots is also important so that kids can see their stars in action and aspire to them.”

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Lucia Banco said @NewSydneyClub #NewSydneyClubForum what about Sydney pride for the club name

Troy Chandler said @NewSydneyClub One stadium. #newsydneyclubforum

Paul said @NewSydneyClub I think having several grounds as “home grounds” minimises the “home ground advantage” #NewSydneyClubForum

Ben Clark said @NewSydneyClub Scott Chipperfield #newsydneyclubforum