Sydney Derby Letter | Adam D’Apuzzo


Foundation Player Adam D’Apuzzo pens a letter before the Sydney Derby.

Out of all the games in the season, aside from the final series, you always want to win the derby.
Watching the Sydney Derby as a fan is an extremely stressful experience and I felt that firsthand watching the last derby live in our fortress; I was grinding my teeth and sitting on the edge of my seat for the entire game. It’s stressful because I know how much passion there is between the players and the supporters – pride is on the line.
It is hard to pinpoint my favourite Sydney Derby memory but the ones we won hold the greatest memories for me.
Our victory at Allianz Stadium in 2013 saw a stadium at maximum capacity with a sea of Red & Black taking over. I’m not sure if there were more of our fans in their stadium but it definitely sounded like it.
I’m a Wanderer, I still have as much passion as the boys playing and I enjoy contributing to the club in a positive way off-the-field.
The Wanderers are such a big part of Western Sydney. The region is has a long football history and we are now part of that heritage. Western Sydney finally has a team to bring people together and represent the West.
This is the biggest Derby in the Hyundai A-League and as a Wanderer I know that Sydney is Red & Black.