Take Five | Ante Milicic


Assistant Coach Ante Milicic site down with The Wanderer for his turn of Take Five

Assistant Coach Ante Milicic site down with The Wanderer for his turn of Take Five

Are you studying?
I-m completing my AFC Pro-Licence which involves a lot of theory, assignments, match analysis and correspondence.

In the movie of your life who would play you?
As a kid I was always a fan of Rocky and Sylvester Stallone so we can give him the opportunity to be my actor

If you were stranded on an island what would be your three essential items?
A plan to get out of there! Let-s go with water, a fully charged mobile phone and food

What would you buy with your last $50?
Something for my wife and kids

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
A football player and if that wasn-t possible a PE teacher

Who was your favourite player to watch when you were growing up?
Diego Maradona because he dominated the Italian league which was my favourite league

What was your favourite TV show as a child?
Growing Pains

What is your favourite holiday destination?
Hvar, an island in Croatia

What is your favourite band/musician?
I-m flexible; I go for anything from Bon Jovi to Lionel Richie. I went to both their concerts and although they-re completely different I like both of them – and I like a bit of Croatian music as well

What is your favourite film and actors?
Rocky IV was my big one, that was my film as a kid. I-ve always liked Sylvester Stallone and also Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Jason Statham and Mark Wahlberg

What do you like to do when not involved in football
Having a piccolo latte and watching re-runs of Banged Up Abroad

Your signature meal is?
Spaghetti marinara

What you don-t find amusing…
Strikers missing chances at training during shooting practice

What you find amusing…
Good question. Not much! I wouldn-t mind people to amuse me more often to be perfectly honest

If the team was in the Big Brother House who would win and why?
Rubbish show and don-t care