Wanderers meet kids at Ronald Mcdonald House


A trio of Western Sydney Wanderers players were on hand to brighten the day of children as they attended the Ronald McDonalds House Westmead Christmas Party.

Ambassador Brendon Santalab as well as Yianni Perkatis and Daniel Mullen all got to meet the children and their family, signing autographs, taking photos, chatting and setting up football activities for all involved.
Marketing & Development Manager for RMH Westmead Belinda Woolford said that the experience was one the kids would remember for life.
“A lot of our families don’t get the opportunity to meet players from teams let alone successful teams such as the Wanderers,” said Woolford.
“Sitting down, playing games and chatting with the players was a huge thing for the kids and something that brightened their day.”
There was particular praise for RMH Westmead Ambassador Brendon Santalab.
“Brendon is absolutely amazing; he goes above and beyond what many of our ambassadors do,” explained Woolford.
“He’s genuinely interested in the kids and their families and is more than generous with his time. He’s not a clock-watcher of how long he’s there and he gets to know the children.”
Santalab had visited RMH previously before becoming an Ambassador and jumped at the opportunity when it was offered.
“Seeing those kids for the first time opened my eyes up and when I see them smile and give that energy back its amazing,” he said.
“It’s an honour for me to go there and cheer kids up who have varying and different levels of sickness to make a difference to their lives.”
“Community work has been a major part of the Club’s success so far and it is important that we play a big role in Western Sydney.
“Doing so will allow the Club to continue growing in the future as well as enhancing the life of everyone in our region.”