Wanderers walk for Harmony


The Western Sydney Wanderers have recently continued their tradition of promoting social inclusion in society by attending Blacktown’s Harmony Day walk.

Wanderers Abraham Majok and Emilio Martinez were part of the festival that encouraged people to stop and consider others in their everyday lives.

The walk is an annual celebration of Australia’s national, ethnic and religious diversity and is the fourth annual Harmony Day walk celebration in Blacktown.

The walk aimed to bring together people from all walks of life who strive for an inclusive society around the principles of fairness, harmony and respect.

Martinez spoke about the importance of attending these events in the community as a way to show local children where football can take you.

“Coming to events like these is really important as we are people that have made it to a professional level and we do come from somewhere.

“So it’s good for us to come back to our roots and show kids where they could be but it’s also so good for us to give back,” he told event organisers.

This was the first time the Wanderers have attended the event in Blacktown having previously participated in walks in Liverpool and Holroyd.

The walk hit home for Majok who used to play football just around the corner of the event prior to signing with the Wanderers.

“I played for a local club that is just around the corner and grew up in Blacktown.

“To get what I do everyday is amazing,” he said.

The event was a fun celebration with a variety of multicultural food stalls, entertainment and the famous walk.

The Red & Black’s participation in the walk kick-started the Club’s Harmony Day celebrations that are set to culminate in tomorrow’s clash against Melbourne City.