1.1 Definitions

For the purposes of this Request for Proposal (RFP) and any subsequent contract the following definitions, unless otherwise noted, apply.

Company: Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club

Agreement: Agreement that results from the Request for Proposal

Contractor: The entity that forms an Agreement with the Company for

provision of the Program requirement.

Proposal: Means a written offer submitted in response to this Request for


Proposer: Means an entity that submits a Proposal in response to this Request for Proposal

Program: Means the After-School program delivered by the Company

1.2 Summary

The Company invites you to submit a Proposal for the provision of services to assist in the delivery of an After-School care program at our Wanderers Fives facility in Rooty Hill.

1.3 Structure of this document

This RFP comprises of three parts as described below:

  1. Instructions to Proposers and Proposal Conditions – Sets out rules and requirements for participation in the RFP.
  2. The Program – Sets out details of the Program, including scope.
  3. Information to be provided by Proposers – Sets out the minimum RFP response requirements to allow due consideration by the Company, including pricing schedule.

1.4 RFP Key Dates

The following key dates apply to this RFP:

RFP Issue Date: 17 May 2024

RFP Closing Date and Time: 14 June 2024 at 5pm

Estimate Contract Award Date: 21 June 2024

1.5 Company Contact Details

For all matters relating to this RFP, the Contact Officer is:

Name/Position: Mr Michael Haynes – Head of Stakeholder Engagement

Email Address:

1.6 Queries and questions during the RFP period

Proposers are to direct any queries regarding the RFP content or process to the Company contact.

All questions should be submitted in writing to the nominated email address.

The Company may choose to convey responses to submitted questions and queries to all Proposers so that each is equally informed.

1.7 Site Visits

Companies that wish to conduct a site visit to Wanderers Fives are to contact the nominated company contact.

1.8 Amendments to RFP documents

The Company may amend the RFP documents by issuing notices to that effect to all Proposers and may extend the RFP closing date and time if deemed appropriate.

1.9 Proposal lodgement methods and requirements

Proposers must submit their Proposal to the Company by 5pm on 14 June 2024 by email to:

Name/Position: Mr Michael Haynes – Head of Stakeholder Engagement

Email Address:

1.10 Late Proposals

Proposers are responsible for submitting their Proposals prior to the RFP closing date and time in accordance with the acceptable lodgement requirements described in Clause 1.9. Any Proposal received by the Company later than the stipulated RFP closing date and time may be removed from further consideration by the Company.

1.11 Acceptance of Proposals

A Proposal will not be accepted by the Company unless and until the Company has signed a Contract or sent a ‘Notice of Award’ in writing to the successful Proposer.

1.12 Evaluation of Proposals

The Company will be entitled to apply various selection criteria in the evaluation of Proposals at their discretion. Selection criteria will include, but not be limited to, best value for price, ability to service the Program, and industry experience.

The Company may request additional information from Proposers to assist further evaluation of Proposals.

1.13 Withdrawals

Proposals may be withdrawn at any time prior to the RFP closing date and time by written notice to the Company.

1.14 Costs of preparing Proposals

All costs relating to the preparation and submission of a Proposal are the sole responsibility of the Proposer. The Company shall not pay any Proposer, wholly or in part, for its Proposal.

1.15 Inconsistencies and omissions

Proposers must promptly advise the Company in writing of any inconsistencies and omissions they discover in the RFP.

1.16 Proposals Acknowledgement

By participating in this RFP, Proposers are indicating their acceptance to be bound by conditions set out in this Part. Proposers are to acknowledge this acceptance, and furnish details of their representative that will be the sole point of contact for all matters relating to the RFP, in writing, to the Company prior to the proposal acknowledgement due date.

1.17 Scope of Supply

The Company retains the right to reduce the scope or discontinue the Program in the event that operational measures cause the Company to decrease or discontinue the Program.


2.1 Background

In March 2023, the Company received a four-year funding commitment from the NSW Government to run community football programs in Western Sydney. A component of this funding is for the Company to run an After-School Program for primary school-aged students within the Blacktown LGA at the Wanderers Fives facility at Rooty Hill.  

2.2 Program Details

The Program provides an opportunity for students between Years 3 and 6 to participate in football activities for all skill levels, facilitated by experienced football coaches during the school term. Students are also provided with healthy food and given a comfortable classroom space to do reading or homework if they wish.

This initiative is supported by the NSW Department of Education and aims to cultivate a passion for sport and advocate a healthier lifestyle for students.

2.3 Location

Wanderers Fives, 1 Football Drive, Rooty Hill.

2.4 Dates and Times

Five schools within the Blacktown LGA are allocated a designated day of the week for a period of one school term in duration.  

Children are picked up immediately after school (specific times are school dependent) by the Contractor and dropped back to the school premises between 5:30pm – 5:45pm for collection by parents/carers.

2.5 Program Specifics

Students are collected by bus at the end of the school day and signed in by staff from the Contractor. They are then transported to the Wanderers Fives facility.

Transport arrangements will be entered into separately by the Company.

On arrival, students are provided with healthy food to eat.

Arrangements pertaining to the provision of food will be entered into separately by the Company.

Students will participate in approximately 90 minutes of football activities suitable for all experience levels and delivered by trained and experienced coaching staff employed by the Company.

Students also have the opportunity to do homework or read a book in an on-site classroom facility if they wish.  

Activities conclude at 5pm and students are then returned by bus for sign out and collection at the school by parents/carers between 5.30pm and 5.45pm.    

In the case of hot or inclement weather, the program will proceed. Students will be able to use the air-conditioned on-site classroom for homework, reading or board games.    

2.6 Contract term

The period covered by this Request for Proposal is three years, from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2027.


The following is an outline of the minimum amount of information that the Company will require in order to assess Proposals.

3.1 Organisational Profile

Please provide a detailed overview of your organisation so as to give the Company a firm understanding of your core business. Please ensure that you address all points listed below:

1. New South Wales structures and locations

2. Establishment details

3. Comprehensive overview of core business and services

4. Technological, administration and educator resources

5. Any additional information to further profile your organisation.

3.2 Scope of Offer

The Proposer is required to provide information that addresses the following areas of scope specific to the Program. This information will be required in detail to assess your proposal:

  • Ownership of a digital platform to enable on-boarding of participating students, including capacity to gather and safely store relevant emergency contact and medical information. Initial interactions with schools are undertaken by the Company. An EOI process directs interested participants to the Company website. The Company will then issue approved collateral from the Contractor to interested parties inviting them to on-board via the Contractor’s digital platform.
  • Appropriately qualified staff (at a ratio for up to 50 students per day) to sign in/collect and drop off/sign out participating students and supervise students both whilst in transit and at the venue, including confirmation that staff will hold a current Working with Children Check and First Aid qualifications.
  • Administrative support to ensure timely communication with schools, parents/carers, and Western Sydney Wanderers staff, including assistance with developing outward facing collateral.
  • Administrative support in providing regular reporting to the Department of Education on a fortnightly and annual basis or as required.
  • Helpline or other central contact point for parents/carers to assist in facilitating on-boarding.
  • Any other information or offering that the Proposer deems relevant to program delivery.   

3.3 Pricing Schedule

This section should include the forecast pricing for all services as outlined in your scope of offer. Pricing should be inclusive of GST and will be deemed to include all costs, insurances, taxes, fees, expenses, liabilities, obligation risk and other things necessary for the performance of the Program.

Pricing on all elements of the scope of offer will be fixed for the term of the agreement.

In addition, the Contractor should provide details of any discount structures that the Contractor considers may be attractive to the Company.

3.4 Other Information

Please include any other information you feel may be relevant to assess your proposal.

3.5 Response File Format, Naming Convention and Size

The Company will accept Responses lodged in the following formats:

• Microsoft Word (.docx)

• Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

• PDF (.pdf)